Get the most out of your coffee

What does a barista do to make the coffee taste that great and look that pretty? At Back to Black we work daily with this great product en we are more than happy to share our knowledge.

Meet our trainers

Sybilla and Abdul will take you into the world of coffee. These two passionate barista’s have years of experience. Sybilla became third at the Dutch Barista Championships in 2017. Abdul is always on top of his game when it comes to the ins and outs in coffee and tells about it with never ending enthusiasm. The trainings are particular instructive but also very personal. This is the right way to make sure that everybody is challenged on their level.

Kinds of training

Everybody can join our trainings. It doesn’t matter if you are a home barista or a professional. We adjust our trainings to the needs of our attendees. From February onwards we will offer certified SCA barista training. You can choose to do an exam after these trainings and when you complete the exam successful you will bring your SCA diploma home. Have a look at our training program or contact us for a customized training ..

1 hour training 45,- pp
In 1 hour of training we are able to explain you very thorough how to extract the perfect espresso and we can focus on other brewing methods like different kinds of filter coffees.

2 hour training 75,- pp
In 2 hours we have enough time to practice extraction and also focus on how to foam your milk proper and pour latte art.

4 uur training 125,- pp
in 4 hours time we will totally submerge you in the world of coffee. We will start of with a coffee cupping ( tasting) and from there on work on extraction, latte art and there will be enough time to go deeper in to topics of your liking.